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Sanctuary Materials


Welcome to our page of Sanctuary Materials.  The top half of the page contains documents about Sanctuary at our church, including info about Minerva.  The bottom half contains general information about Sanctuary.  The titles are descriptive.   Enjoy!

How can you help Minerva?

  • Sign her petition to ICE –
  • Give money to church to assist our efforts – checks to church, memo “sanctuary”, or go to our give page, click here on the give page, and there is a category for Sanctuary.
  • Sign up to host a shift –
  • Sign up to help –
  • Write a letter to ICE, to Senators Tillis and/or Burr, to Representatives Walker and/or Budd.

This is an audio recording of the press conference when we announced that we had taken Minerva Cisneros Garcia into Sanctuary.


newsletter2017-07 – This has a lot of current info about Sanctuary, including about Minerva and her family

There is a sermon Julie preached for Pentecost Sunday, that will give you a sense of what she thinks about Sanctuary.

Here are advocacy suggestions.  HOW WE CAN HELP MINERVA bulletin insert 07-02-17

Here is a copy of the Morton memo from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, that mentions Prosecutorial Discretion, the term they use for not entering houses of worship.

Below are general items of information about Sanctuary


immigration then and now




Sanctuary Q&A